The Challenge

Each team of students will be briefed on the first day about the product they need to design, develop and market to the grand dragons. Morning sessions will be dedicated to helping students understand the nature of business and giving them ideas on how to best fulfil the task, whilst during the afternoon sessions they will work together as a team to develop and build upon these ideas.

Teams will first need to develop the concept, name and brand of their company to position themselves in the best position in the market to appeal to their target customers. They will then have to analyse market data to develop the best product design in the most cost efficient manner. Having designed their product they will have to examine strategies for releasing the product on to the market – will they aim for a high-end, high-priced niche market or will they look for high volume sales and high demand at low prices for example – the teams will have to decide the best strategy to suit current market trends.

Having worked out their strategy the teams must then work together to develop their pitch to the board of grand dragons to try to convince them to back their design. Each school will be required to make a 10 – 15 minute pitch in front of all other schools in a day of final presentations.

Selection and participation

  • To qualify students must be aged 16 – 18 and currently studying in High School
  • Students should have a minimum level of English of B2 on the CEFR
  • Each school must bring a minimum of five students

The Programme